Just Fashion Models has been online since April 2002 and is the single best place on the web for true connoisseurs of feminine physical beauty. It is a comprehensive collection of fashion model photos and video clips that has been painstakingly amassed by looking through hundreds - sometimes thousands - of files of each model and handpicking only the nude and risqué high-quality pics and clips. In addition to the new names that are added every day the latest pics and clips of fashion models already on the site are constantly being gathered from a multitude of sources. If you can't get enough of nude and sexy fashion model photo shoots, ads and video clips and hate having to visit multiple blogs and message boards where you laboriously click and scroll in search of that ever elusive, truly delicious eye candy, save yourself loads of time and let Just Fashion Models do all the legwork and heavy lifting. Here is where female fashion model nudity lovers finally find home, sweet home.

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There are currently 3,616 fashion models, 640,743 pictures and 3,517 video clips.

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Note: There is a download limit of 4 GB every 24 hours. If you exceed this access will be restored exactly 24 hours later.
In the near future I will be having the website rebuilt from scratch. The new site will have an in-browser clip player and you will have the option to watch the clips on the website or download them and use your own media player. In order for the clips to play in all browsers and on all platforms, however, they need top be converted to the MP4 and WebM formats.

Bearing in mind the majority of clips currently on the site are AVIs, which of the following options would you prefer to see on the new site?
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